Country duo Joey and Rory Feek have been on an emotional roller coaster lately, as Joey walks through a tough journey treating cancer that has returned. According to Rory’s latest update, Joey is enjoying time at home recovering from surgery and preparing for further treatment.

Throughout the process, Rory has been updating his blog to keep fans posted on the latest news and share photos of Joey and the family. The most recent post, dated Aug. 6, includes adorable photos of Joey and the couple's daughter Indiana, as well as a photo with Joey’s older daughter Heidi getting ready to go hop on a plane to a post-surgery follow-up appointment in Chicago.

"After a day of blood work and many meetings, the doctors there said that they feel like Joey is doing wonderful. And she really is,” Rory writes. "But it was a very rough start for her."

Rory goes on to say that for the first couple of weeks after surgery, Joey was unable to eat anything and got down to a very low weight, but has started to gain a few pounds back and feel a lot better since then. Later this month, Joey will start a new round of chemotherapy closer to home in Newnan, Ga., but until then Rory says they are enjoying the time at their farm house with family and friends.

"The hospital and their staff at CTCA have been incredible, but there’s nothing more healing than being at home in your own bed, surrounded by the things and the people you love,” he says. “We’ve spent lots of evenings on our back deck watching the sun go down over Joey’s garden, talking about the future and thanking God for all the ways that we are blessed."

According to the post, the band has sold-out shows scheduled soon, and Joey may even be able to step out for a couple of songs, depending on how she is feeling.

“Even if it’s just a couple of songs, it’s going to be special to see her sweet smile and hear her beautiful voice again after all she’s been through...and standing right next to her, I’ll have the best seat in the house to watch it all,” Rory muses.

Fans can follow along with the couple’s journey via their Facebook page and the blog, This Life I Live.

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