Joey Feek -- one-half of married country duo Joey and Rory -- recently underwent surgery to treat aggressive cervical cancer. Rory Feek shared the news on the couple's This Life I Live Blog.

The diagnosis came six weeks ago, during a routine appointment with Joey’s gynecologist. The doctor did a biopsy and delivered the news days later. Rory writes:

When we got home and the news finally sank in, Joey only worried about one thing.  It wasn’t “why did this happen to me” or “am I going to be okay”, or a hundred other questions that I would’ve had.  Joey only thought of our baby.  She cried and cried worrying about Indiana, and what this might mean to her… what if she couldn’t continue breastfeeding her, or will Indy’s sleep schedule be interrupted, or worse yet…what if she won’t get to watch this precious gift grow up?

The mass on her cervix had already grown to four centimeters, so a specialist recommended Joey undergo a hysterectomy to remove the cancer. She had the surgery on Friday (June 20) and has been recovering at home since Saturday.

“We had a follow-up appointment with the oncologist yesterday and he said that the margins and the lymph nodes he removed came back clean,” Rory writes, “so there’s no more cancer in her body and she won’t need chemo or radiation.”

The news comes four months after Joey delivered baby Indiana in February 2014. One month later, they revealed to fans that the girl has Down syndrome. The couple is taking it all in stride.

“Yes, it has been quite a year for us so far. In the past six months, God has taken us places we never dreamed we would go," Rory shares. "It’s been terrifying and thrilling all at the same time. We never know what tomorrow will bring… none of us do. But what an incredible journey life is. We are just going to continue to trust Him and hold to each other and… pedal, pedal!”

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