Joey + Rory’s Rory Feek revealed that he was hoping to share a few soft kisses with his wife on Valentine’s Day. A sweet new photo shows that the couple made the most of date night, even if Joey was bedridden on Feb. 14.

Joey and Rory got cleaned up and dressed up for their Valentine's date night. Joey even put on her jewelry, a fashionable sweater and pink rose corsage, which prompted Rory to lean in for a kiss. His hair is pushed back, and he’s in his familiar white button-down dress shirt beneath blue jean overalls. Flowers sit on her bedside table, and the couple looks to be enjoying sushi.

On Friday, Rory shared his plans with fans on his This Life I Live blog. He admitted that he’d rather be back home in Tennessee, grilling rib-eye and pouring wine. Instead, they’re at Joey's parents’ house.

So my hope this year instead is to hold her hand and take her on a ‘virtual’ walk down memory lane together… with pictures and videos on my laptop. I want to take her back to where our lives first began together, and relive this beautiful journey that God has taken us on… from that first song she heard me sing at the Bluebird cafe, to the last one we sang together as we stood on stage and took our final bow… to the songs that she will leave behind here on earth and the ones she will soon sing for eternity to our sweet Lord in that heavenly choir up yonder.

On Monday, the couple will watch the 2016 Grammy Awards from a television set near her hospice bed. Joey + Rory are nominated, and daughters Heidi and Hopie are in attendance. The pair released their new album of hymns on Friday, and daughter Indiana’s second birthday is Wednesday. Joey made it a goal to live to see all three things happen, and while frail from her long battle with terminal cancer, she’s nearly done it.

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