Kalie Shorr's new single is a song of empowerment, but it has a sense of humor. "He's Just Not That Into You" is a splash of cold water for girls and women hanging on the actions of a guy who's paying them no mind.

Watch as the country newcomer performs an acoustic version of her song during a recent YouTube Nashville session. Shorr wrote "He's Just Not That Into You" with Lena Stone and Emily Reid, two of her #LetTheGirlsPlay collaborators. Her favorite lyric came as she recalled a guy who told her he'd missed her because his phone wasn't working properly.

“Who in the world’s phone doesn’t work?” she recalls asking the group. “I’ve never gone more than an hour where my phone doesn’t work.” A moment later Reid spit out:

“He’s busy, on the go and / His stupid phone is broken" 

The song's message is a little harsh but sometimes necessary. Shorr is often standing up for women musically. "Fight Like a Girl" is an all-out anthem that broke her with SiriusXM and streaming services. This new song is a message that no one should waste time with anyone who's not giving you what you need. She's been on both sides of it. The guy she had in mind is an old high school flame that she's now friends with. She's also had to tell guys she wasn't interested.

“It’s a little harsh, but ‘We can be friends’ seems to get the point across,” she says, laughing.

2016 brought mainstream recognition through her music, stages larger than she'd ever played and a meeting with Taylor Swift. For 2017 Shorr says she's planning an album that will be a little rootsy-er than her Y2K Mixtape EP, released last winter. She also has some tour and collaboration secrets she can't share. Hunter Hayes is involved somehow, but in spite of Taste of Country's begging, she wouldn't spill details.

Listen to Kalie Shorr's "Nothin' New"

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