Kalie Shorr has gone full Liz Phair with her new single, "Lullaby." The hurt, the anger and the slow-growing comfort with electric guitar come together for this pop-rock inspired country power anthem.

"Lullaby" is a fragile anthem for the wounded. We hear vulnerability after a difficult breakup as she pushes through the cathartic chorus. It's not that one doesn't believe she's truly putting the romance behind her, it's that we sense she's not 100 percent sure, which is to say she's like all of us after our hearts get ripped from our chests, stomped on and eaten by the rabid creatures that hang out in the dark hollows of our mind. She's a little scared.

The ebbs and flows of the arrangement complement a lyric that is at times tender and bold. Shorr's chosen metaphor of bedtime is as complicated as moving on after losing love. Night to night, there's no predicting what the shadows in the corner will do or how you'll react. So with a stern face and collapsable courage, you face it. Once again, the promising newcomer and 2017 Taste of Country RISER is fighting something, and once again, it's a battle we can all relate to.

Did You Know?: "Lullaby" is the first listen from Shorr's full-length debut Open Book, due Sept. 27.

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Kalie Shorr, "Lullaby" Lyrics:

I don't wanna chain smoke cigarettes by myself anymore / Don't want to drink whiskey out of the bottle on the bathroom floor / And I don't wanna hate somebody I barely know just for loving you / Because if I'm honest, I get it / Once upon a time I did too.

This is the sound of letting it go / Of learning to sleep when you're sleeping alone / Of figuring out how to love when you don't /  I'm gonna scream and I'm gonna cry / But tonight I won't need the hallway light / I'm singin' one last lullaby, and I'm / Putting this to bed / I'm putting this to bed.

I built a little altar to all that's left of what we were / I lit a few Mother Mary candles that I stole from a Catholic church / I let it be, I let it burn / Let it go just like us / I said a prayer, I sang a song / And I think Jesus heard me cuss. 

Oh I won't lie and say it's easy / Even I wouldn't believe me / I ain't trying to be mean but thanks for leaving.

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