Kalie Shorr — rising female singer and songwriter and one of the Song Suffragettes — just released her Y2K Mixtape, and she's sharing some of the influences. The #LetTheGirlsPlay singer chatted with Taste of Country Nights about why the 2000s were such an inspiration for her music.

The Y2K Mixtape is her eight-track album which includes "Fight Like a Girl." Everything down to the album title was inspired by the early 2000s, when the Y2K scare was spreading like wildfire. Shorr may not know what Y2K stands for, but she remembers the time well, even though she was a young child.

“It’s when they thought all the computers were going to explode when 2000 came around," she explains matter-of-factly. “I was only six at the time but i thought it was a great title for the mixtape because everything on here is so inspired by music from the early 2000s. That was really where I fell in love with music and actually the year 2000 was when I wrote my first song ever.”

Shorr has come a long way from writing her first song about "sleepovers, drinking sodas and staying up past my bedtime" and working odd jobs like hot dog vending, as a concierge or at a clothing store. She's now a full-time musician who put her all into The Y2K Mixtape, now available on iTunes.

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