ToC RISER Kalie Shorr is clearly making an impact in country music. The 22-year-old singer was recently included in Teen Vogue's 2017 music issue as the only country artist to be named on the list.

In the issue, Shorr is described as part of the "New Nashville" and is featured alongside other young artists including rapper Princess Nokia, Billie Eilish, pop-folk singer Maggie Rogers and more. The issue features a variety of “rising female creative powerhouses who are on track to change the music industry one empowering song at a time,” Teen Vogue describes in a press release. In addition to being the lone country act, Shorr is also the only unsigned artist featured on the list.

The Portland, Maine native was named one of Taste of Country's RISERS in early 2017 along with Brett Young, Runaway June and more. Her SiriusXM hit single, "Fight Like a Girl," is resonating with fans young and old as she's quickly becoming a  proud feminist voice in the genre.

“I played it for my mom and the first thing she said was that it reminded her of when she was going for treatment for chemo for her breast cancer. That’s so much more important than my qualms with the music industry,” she tells Taste of Country about the song. “I remember a woman saying she had just been diagnosed with cervical cancer and she heard ‘Fight Like a Girl’ on the radio on the way home from treatment. The honor of being able to be involved in that moment of her finding hope was so awesome.”

Shorr shared her new single, "Nothin' New," in an intimate acoustic performance at the RISERS shoot in February, as well as taking part in an interview and exclusive photo shoot. Check that out below.

Kalie Shorr Performs "Nothin' New" for RISERS

Kalie Shorr On Set at the 2017 RISERS Shoot

Kalie Shorr Opens Up About Obstacles That Led to "Fight Like a Girl"

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