Katie Armiger is ready to release her fourth studio album, 'Fall Into Me,' on January 15, and she's shared one of the song's 14 tracks exclusively with Taste of Country readers. 'Merry Go Round' describes that difficult mix of emotions and questions that accompanies any relationship as it teeters precariously between fire and flame out.

"Finding love is a merry go round," Armiger explains. "This song is about being in a relationship and not being sure if it's right, but just loving that person so much that you keep on with the same cycle because as much as you think it's not right, you can't give them up because that doesn't feel right either."

Armiger helped write all 14 of the album's songs, including the single, 'Better in a Black Dress.' The project is described as a journey through the life of a relationship -- from the early highs, to the difficult middle and ultimately, the tragic end. Finally, the singer proves she's recovered and learned from the experience. Her style and singing have grown stronger with each new album she's released, and on 'Fall Into Me' she proves she's more than worthy of all the accolades.

"We took our time making this record because I had a personal story to tell and as a songwriter," the 21-year-old says in a press release. "I worked with so many amazing people for the album and I am so proud of it because I think everyone will relate to each song."

'Fall Into Me' is now available for pre-order at iTunes.

Listen to a Preview of Katie Armiger, 'Merry Go Round'