Dozens of Keith Urban fans required medical treatment during and after his concert in Mansfield, Mass. on Saturday (July 26) night. Twenty two people were taken to the hospital, while dozens more were taken into custody because of "alcohol-related issues."

In total, 46 fans of the 'Somewhere In My Car' singer needed treatment, while 50 were taken into protective custody, the Boston Herald reports. Several others are facing charges after the evening at the Xfinity Center.

The venue wasn't set up to deal with that high volume of problems, but nearby towns helped ensure everyone got whatever help they needed.

“Last evening’s Keith Urban concert was not anticipated to present with the volume of issues handled, but measures were in place to provide appropriate and adequate care and protection to all patrons," Mansfield Police Chief Ron Sellon and Fire Chief Neil Boldrighini explained in a joint statement. "As a result, although there was a higher than expected volume, appropriate care was available through the expandable model."

When things started to get wild, ambulances, police officers and the fire departments quickly responded to the venue. Fans allegedly began to feel ill and some even passed out during the show.

Urban may have been far from the action, but he saw that fans on the lawn were "nutso."

Although there were several injuries and problems, there were over 18,000 fans at the show and most were still able to enjoy Urban's show.

"Our team works hard to offer a great concert experience for fans and an overwhelming majority of fans enjoyed the concert,” Jacqueline Peterson, a spokeswoman for Live Nation said.