Lip syncing is the new singing, right? Totally — especially when it's done with a lot of sass by an adorable 5-year-old (and her pops). This recognizable daddy-daughter duo did their own version of Miranda Lambert's "Little Red Wagon," and it's just the cutest!

Meet Audrey, a little girl with big energy and a great attitude. She's the star of this dance-along video, with her big sunglasses, big hat, cowboy boots and a country sundress. Audrey taps her feet to the beat and mouths the song right to the camera. Her dance moves are on point, and her dad makes a great sidekick. He pretends to strum a miniature pink guitar behind her, and although Daddy takes front and center a few times, this Miranda Lambert cover is all about his sweet little girl. After all, the family that plays together, stays together!