It's the stuff tabloids are made of -- the details fans love to read and haters love to hate on. E! News recently reported that the paparazzi caught country star LeAnn Rimes laying a kiss on one of her best gal pals in the bright sunshine. But perhaps the most interesting element of the story is that Rimes' husband, 38-year-old Eddie Cibrian, was right there snapping photos along with the celebrity photographers.

The country-pop princess was apparently on a weekend away with her husband when she got so uninhibited on camera. Her husband and another guy continued to watch as Rimes removed her shirt, revealing her black bra, still messing around with her female friend. According to E!, Rimes later posted a picture of her and her friend (both fully clad and just smiling together) to Twitter with the tweet "My girl Lizzie." She also posted another pic of her with her husband, simply writing "Sweet kisses."

You have to think that Rimes, like every other star, gets fed up with the way things are covered in the public eye. This morning (March 28), a friend on Twitter mentioned that she defended the celeb on a website making a spectacle of the "racy kiss." Tweeting back at her friend, Rimes said, "thx, but let it go. They will make something out of nothing always. Much love."

The 'I Need You' singer is already hard at work on her 11th studio album, which will reportedly be called 'Spitfire' and be released with Curb Records, the label Rimes has been on since she was only 11.

Watch LeAnn Rimes Reportedly Kissing Female Friend