Liv Charette is hopelessly in love during her new song "Good as Gone," a vocal showcase that does justice to the lyrics three famous songwriters put to paper. Listen to the song during this Taste of Country exclusive premiere.

Liz Rose, Lori McKenna and Hillary Lindsey (a.k.a. the Love Junkies) wrote "Good as Gone." Charette points to the recall between chorus and verse as she shows her appreciation for being chosen to record it.

"Liz, Lori and Hillary are nothing short of masters when it comes to telling a story through song, and I’m so elated to be able to be the voice for this one," the Canadian-raised, Shania Twain-influenced singer says.

"Good as Gone" holds nothing back in describing the love the singer has for the person she's standing beside. By the end of the chorus you learn it's mutual, but that's after heavy metaphors touch all five senses.

"If you were a bottle of whiskey / I'd be drunk by now / If you were a summer rainstorm / I'd be standing in the front yard letting you pour on down / If you were a freight train baby / I'd be hanging on for dear life / If you were a kiss could kill ya / I'm thinking that I'll never survive," she sings to open.

"When I first heard 'Good as Gone,' I connected with the song instantly, as if it had come straight from my brain," the "That Kind of Song" singer says. "It captures the euphoric out-of-control feeling of falling head over heels for someone. That feeling is a freight train, it’s a rainstorm, it’s a freeway, it’s a moment in time marked by wanting to do nothing more than be wrapped up in love."

Steven Dorff produced "Good as Gone" after writing and producing her previous single. The song will be available on all digital platforms staring Feb. 12.

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