Up and comer Logan Mize took some time out of his busy schedule at the 2015 Country Jam to chat with Taste of Country about his newfound heartthrob status, according to the ToC women. After he played the Taste of Country Music Festival, Mize was elected Taste of Country's Man Crush Monday, to his surprise.

“I think that’s pretty cool, because we were talking about my dad bod, which I’m the proud owner of a dad bod,” he boasted. “I don’t see any shame in rockin’ a little bit of leftover from the weekend six pack. So the fact that women are finding that attractive, it’s really proving a point."

Billy Dukes of Taste of Country joked with the singer about the rising popularity of what they called “hashtag dad bod,” a recent trend lauding the slightly less buff crowd of men who may spend more time watching cartoons with toddlers than honing their bench press skills.

“I love it. It’s making life so much easier for guys like me,” he said, smiling.

In May, Mize released a new EP called Pawn Shop Guitar, which he says is not a reflection of a fascination with pawn shops, but that he did have to resort to the barter system for guitars in the past.

“I traded a set of golf clubs for a guitar, because I had a gig, and I had recently traded another guitar for something else, then didn’t have a guitar to play the gig. So I had to trade some golf clubs in to get another guitar to play the gig,” he recalls.

His current single, “Can’t Get Away from a Good Time,” is available on iTunes and gaining popularity. Mize has been playing festivals this summer, including the Taste of Country Music Festival, CMA Fest and Country Jam. He is continuing to tour around the country in support of the new record.

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