Before she died in July, Lynn Anderson chose "Drift Away Gospel" as the single from her final album. Family has honored that wish and are now sharing this fragile recreation of the popular Dobie Gray song with country music lovers.

Anderson's version stays true to the Gray original with one significant version. The chorus and bridge are tweaked to make the song a more inspirational experience about facing the end of life. It's a religious song, true to the Bridges album.

“Give me my heart heart boy / You freed my soul / I wanna walk down those streets of gold / And drift away,” she sings. Gray, and later Uncle Kracker, sing of getting lost in rock 'n' roll. Later, Anderson tweaks the bridge, adding the disciples' names to make it less about music and more about faith.

"Bridges is Mom’s first religious CD in her long career of making music," Anderson's daughter, Lisa Sutton, says in a statement. "It has been our soundtrack the past few months and now it’s become the perfect memoir. Like a gift left behind, delivered as only Mom can ... It’s almost like it was meant to be."

Bridges was released in June, and features a collaboration with the Oak Ridge Boys.

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