Maggie Rose is doing her part to make the world a better place with her new song, "Change the Whole Thing."

The hopeful tune encourages everyone to make sure that they play their own small part in the world as well as they possibly can, in hopes that together, we can solve some of the bigger problems we face as a collective.

"Well I ain't tryin' to tell you what to do / Lords knows I got a lot to learn myself / But it's getting harder watching you / Putting that heart of yours through hell / The world wasn't broken in a day / And it ain't gonna stay this way forever / But you ain't gotta change the whole damn thing / You just gotta leave it a little better," Rose sings in the chorus.

"We can’t fix all the world’s problems, but when you just try to leave the situation a little better than you found it we can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel," she says.

Rose is releasing a series of digital 45s throughout the summer, building up to the release of a full album in the fall. She recorded all of her new music completely live at Starstruck Studios in Nashville, using no autotune and no overdubs. Her 13-piece band on the new recordings includes players who work with Kelly Clarkson, Brothers Osborne and Steven Tyler.

She is releasing "Change the Whole Thing" along with another song, "Hey Blondie," in May as the third digital 45 in the series. Both songs are available for streaming and purchase via iTunes and Apple Music.

Two additional digital 45s are slated for release in June and July.

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