Maggie Rose's new video for 'Looking Back Now' is just as haunting as the song itself -- but in a very different way.

When Rose released 'Looking Back Now' in January, it was clear that this was a single not for the faint-of-heart. The song tells of a woman jilted by love and unwilling to let men abuse her. So unwilling, in fact, that her story ends with a double-murder and execution. With lyrics that paint vivid images of violence and murder, this is a song that sticks with you after just one listen.

For the video, Rose and her team decided to create something that refused to be melodramatic or over-the-top in its storytelling approach. This is not the catchy musical numbers of similarly-themed movies like 'Chicago.' It's a bit more intense than that.

The premise for the video is simple: keep the camera trained on Rose without distraction. There are no dazzling backgrounds, no special effects (unless you count slow motion), no additional actors to help tell the story. And the 'Better' singer tackles all the heavy lifting of storytelling with an intensity that almost makes you think she actually is the wounded woman.

There are only a few times when Rose is helped by a prop or two, and even these are blunt and raw in their use. A black pistol against a gray background. A gold glass of whiskey against black. And the most shocking? A black body-bag that signifies the protagonist's tragic end.

It's clear that the video for 'Looking Back Now' matches the intensity of the song's lyrics, but with a more stark and minimalistic approach. And in some ways, the song is even more haunting and powerful for it.

'Looking Back Now' is Rose's third single of her 2013 record, 'Cut to Impress.'