In the sixth episode of her new hit comedy 'Malibu Country,' Reba McEntire learned the meaning of the 'Bro Code' on multiple levels.

When she encounters a strange man in the house, she learns he is Pete Mason (played by Steven Weber), a musician from her ex Bobby's band. Since the Malibu house that Reba commandeered in the divorce was something she didn't know about prior, she discovers that Pete, who jokes that he shaved off his muton chops last year to avoid being mistaken for a Confederate soldier, was aware of the house since he and Bobby used it for something. Reba automatically assumes it was for cheating purposes.

Reba tries to pry information out of Pete about exactly what went on at the Malibu house during her marriage, but Pete won't divulge details, refusing to violate the "Bro Code." That's when Reba's sassy mama Lillie Mae sets out to yank the info out of him by plying him with moonshine. Meanwhile, Reba battles her attraction to him. Her flirtation is rusty (and funny) when she looks at him over her shoulder, winking as if she has an eyelash in her eye. That was the true comedic highlight of the episode.

Then the social issues come into play. Pete is buzzed on the outside deck, revealing that Bobby helped him get sober and told him he could use the Malibu home anytime that he felt the urge to drink. So Reba is now aware that her ex isn't quite the scoundrel she thinks he is. It feels like the writers are setting the stage for a reunion, even if only a one night stand, between Reba and Bobby this season. That plot point would create more dramedy, and it seems like that's what we're heading for.

The subplot also revolved around the "Bro Code." Reba's daughter June gets her belly button pierced - a very late 1990s trend, which makes us want to nudge the writers to update their conventions. June enlists her brother Cash to help her hide the jewelry from Reba, who notices that June is being far too nice to her brother. She believes there must be an underlying reason for it. When she attempts to investigate, Cash explains that there is a "Bro Code," but this more like the "Bro-Sis Code."

So twice in one episode, Reba is suspicious and a little paranoid of people. One hunch turns out to be wrong (why Pete and Bobby used the beach house) and one hunch turns out to be right on the money (why June and Cash are getting along so swimmingly!)

She learned some key life lessons, even a mom in middle age! Rebe even tweeted a picture of the cast from the episode, too.

'Malibu Country' airs Friday nights at 8:30ET on ABC.