Mickey Gilley's recent rollover car accident changed him. Now, he wants to change others by promoting seatbelt usage in partnership with the Tennessee Highway Safety Office.

Gilley and his son, Michael, were involved in a car wreck on Highway 59 in Lufkin, Texas, on Jan. 3. They were driving to Branson, Mo., when a driver in a 2016 Cadillac plowed through a stop sign, causing Gilley's son to swerve the 2013 Toyota SUV he was driving. Their SUV ended up clipping the other vehicle, which sent their car rolling through the intersection — three times — ultimately landing upside down in the median.

The country star was left with multiple injuries, including a cracked rib and sternum and a fractured ankle and shoulder. Gilley and the Tennessee Highway Safety Office want to remind people why it's so important to wear a seatbelt.

"Had I not been wearing my seatbelt, I’m sure I would’ve been ejected," Gilley acknowledges. "My car rolled about three times over. I want to share my story with Tennesseans to encourage everyone in the south to take pride in wearing seatbelts, because seatbelts do save lives.”

Gilley's participation lines up with Tennessee's statewide Seatbelts Are for Everyone campaign, now in its fifth year. The campaign aims to ensure seatbelt usage among vehicle passengers through education and community outreach programs.

"Because of this belt, I am still alive," Gilley says in a public service announcement. "This belt can save your life, it saved mine, it can save yours."

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