With a peppy acoustic guitar and the squeal of steel, 'You're All That Matters to Me' by Miss Willie Brown begins with so much promise. Even through the first verse of the song -- which is approaching the Top 40 on country charts -- one hopes this duo has found the formula for success that evaded similar all-female duos like Bomshel and the JaneDear Girls

But they haven't. The cut relies on the most overworked metaphors in country music and a limited vocal performance. There is an attempt to harmonize during the pre-chorus and chorus, but it's buried deep beneath layers of electric guitar, cymbals and... noise.

"I am the honey, you're the bee / I am the branch, you are the tree / I am the wave, you are the sea / Yeah, you are everything to me," Amanda Watkins and Kasey Buckley sing. "I am your sun, you are my sky / You are the beauty to my eye / You are my wings, you make me fly / To every question you're the why / Oh you're all that matters / Yeah, you're all that matters to me / You're all that matters to me."

The melody during this part of the song rides along the upper reaches of the lead singer's range. It's not a comfortable listen. A one-armed man with a one-string guitar would find a more dynamic set of notes.

"Nice touch, nice kiss / It's too good to be true when it feels like this / Nice hands, nice guns / When it gets this good babe, it must be love," the country newcomers add, trading lyrics during the verse.

True, they're not attempting to create anything more than a feel-good, sweet love song with an irresistible hook, but 'You're All That Matters to Me' is too frothy. Imagine blowing the foam off the top of a pumpkin spice latte to find an empty cup.

There's no doubt this song sounds better live. The two women do have great chemistry, and it genuinely sounds like they're having fun on this record. That should make for a good live show, but it's not always a good idea to bring that energy into the studio.

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