The JaneDear Girls

The JaneDear Girls Think Men Are Afraid of Them
They're cute, sassy, and unmarried. It stands to reason that Susie Brown and Danelle Leverett of the JaneDear Girls would have a line of male suitors waiting for them at each show. While the occasional country lovin' stud muffin does try to slip one or the other his phone number, the duo s…
The JaneDear Girls, ‘Merry Go Round’ – Song Review
The new song from the JaneDear Girls may turn off a large cross-section of the country audience. 'Merry Go Round' isn't safe, it isn't polite and it isn't how more urbane listeners think young ladies should behave. To be honest, the same three criticisms have probably been l…
The JaneDear Girls Ride ‘Shotgun’ in New Video
The JaneDear Girls are back with their new, flirty video for their second single, 'Shotgun Girl,' from their debut self-titled album on Warner Bros. Records. The video is the follow-up release to their hit song 'Wildflower,' put the new duo on the map in country music last year.

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