The JaneDear Girls are back with their new, flirty video for their second single, 'Shotgun Girl,' from their debut self-titled album on Warner Bros. Records. The video is the follow-up release to their hit song 'Wildflower,' put the new duo on the map in country music last year.

Like the song title suggests, the video features lots of cars, lots of color and plenty of entertaining moments that will captivate the audience throughout the song.

"The video is basically just different shotgun girls or different types of shotgun girls," Danelle Leverett tells Taste of Country. "They are all in the video."

But that's not all. "It is also a very performance driven video," Leverett says. "It’s focused on us and our musicianship that we try to have. We’re rockin’ out with the band, and it’s just really fun."

Both Leverett and her duo partner, Susie Brown, have quickly become fashion icons on today's scene, so it leads to the big question: Were there a ton of wardrobe changes in the new 'Shotgun Girl' video?

"Of course!" Brown says, laughing. "There has to be wardrobe changes!"

"There are not as many as I would’ve liked," adds Leverett, "but we change clothes a couple of times!"

'Shotgun Girl' is quickly making its way up the Billboard country singles chart, and the new video was released this month.

Watch the JaneDear Girls 'Shotgun Girl' Video