What happened in Vegas isn’t staying in Vegas when it comes to Blake Shelton's bachelor party. The JaneDear Girls attended Shelton's soiree, and even engaged in a little karaoke.

WYCD sat down to chat with the Girls and pressed them about the craziest things they've done in Sin City, to which they replied, "We're both pretty mild. We like to go to shows. Oh, but we did go to Blake Shelton's bachelor party -- that was pretty wild. We karaoke'd!" Their song choices were interesting, too, as they tried their hand -- er, voices -- at MC Hammer's 'U Can't Touch This' and Pat Benatar's 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot.'

Susie Brown, who is one-half of the JaneDear Girls (and is the one with the Bettie Page-style bangs), must have a bit of a girl crush on Benatar, as she said would like to duet with the singer if given the chance to sing with any artist outside of the country genre! Danelle Leverett, the blonde half of the duo, would like to partner with one of popular music’s most prolific songwriters: Paul McCartney.

When they're not partying and doing karaoke with Blake Shelton, the JaneDear Girls are hard at work. They are writing their new album and plan to release the video for 'Shotgun Girl' in May. To borrow a phrase from Benatar: Fire away!