The JaneDear Girls are ready to spend some time away from each other this holiday season. After an exhausting summer tour schedule that included dates with Jason Aldean and Brad Paisley, Susie Brown and Danelle Leverett will retreat to comfy clothes and family. For Susie Brown, that means getting to know her kitchen once again.

While Leverett is going to visit family in Texas this Thanksgiving, Brown tells Taste of Country that she's looking forward to cooking. "I really like to start making treats and stuff," the dark-haired member of the duo says. "Last year I posted a video on our my favorite things blog, where I showed how to make homemade caramels for the holidays. 'Cause I never get to be home and get to cook or bake or anything, so I think I'm probably gonna try some new recipes and stuff."

Christmas cookies may be on the menu this holiday season, Brown says. The always fashionable singers certainly have plenty to be grateful for, but when asked what item in their closet each is thankful for the most, they respond with answers that reveal a bit about their individual personalities.

"I love high waisted blue jeans," the always retro-ready Brown says.

"My flat tennis shoes because I'm tired of wearing high heels," Leverett answers. When she's not looking glamorous performing 'Shotgun Girl' or the JaneDear Girls' new song 'Merry Go Round,' the taller of the two likes to veg out in sweatpants and slippers. It sounds like she'll have plenty of time to do that this weekend.