Just days after celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends, the JaneDear Girls will watch themselves celebrate 'Planksgiving' on the CW's 'Hart of Dixie.' The duo will be featured during the next episode, which airs on Monday, Nov. 28.

The fictional town of Bluebell, Ala. celebrates turkey day with the pirate themed Planksgiving, and the JaneDear Girls are hired to perform at the annual fish fry in the town square. Susie Brown and Danelle Leverett say they had a blast filming with actress Rachel Bilson, and fans will be able to watch them sing their hit song 'Shotgun Girl.'

"It was a lot like a music video," Brown tells Taste of Country. "But it just took a lot longer because they did a lot of closeups and a lot of different angles, and so to get a two-minute segment you're there for at least three hours."

The JaneDear Girls are taking every effort to impress fans visually as well as sonically, so it was no surprise that they were taking notes while on the set of the television series. "It was almost like musical theatre, or something you'd see in a drama class when you're there," Brown says. "But then when they edit and cut it, it looks completely different."

In this episode, Zoe Hart is doing all she can to recruit patients to her medical practice and to keep Brick Breeland from taking over completely. Bilson plays Hart, a fast talking New Yorker who is thrust into the practice after the man she is supposed to be working with passes away. The preview below doesn't feature Brown and Leverett, but you'll be able to catch them on the show when it airs on Nov. 28 at 9PM ET.

Watch a Preview of the Next 'Hart of Dixie' Episode