Country's dynamic female duo the JaneDear Girls are once again burning up the country radio with their latest single, 'Shotgun Girl.' The uptempo, singalong song revels in the girls' love for riding shotgun in a country boy's truck. The tune is the second release off their self-titled debut album that hit stores earlier this year, debuting in the Top 10 on the SoundScan albums chart.

The duo's Susie Brown and Danelle Leverett recently wrapped up touring with country rocker Jason Aldean on his My Kinda Party tour and are now out with Brad Paisley, doing select dates on his H2O II: Wetter and Wilder World Tour.

Taste of Country caught up with the duo between tour stops for some much needed girl talk about what they have to carry with them at all times, how they survive long road trips on the bus and what they love doing when coming off the road.

What do you always carry in your purse?
Susie Brown: Lipstick.
Danelle Leverett: You want to know something funny? I didn’t carry a purse until my stylist gave me one, which is this one right here. I literally kept my credit cards in my back pocket like a dude. But now that I have a purse, one thing that I will always have in there is my phone.

What is your lucky charm?
Leverett: I’d say my bible. I don’t know if it’s a lucky charm, but I always try to keep it around.
Brown: I don’t know if I have a lucky charm. I have a lucky number, which is seven. It’s always worked out for me. I do have my lucky red lipstick!

What is your favorite way to spend a day off from the road?
Brown: Going to a movie and hanging out with my puppy.
Leverett: I like to go dancing, if I have the energy, and watch really mindless television shows, or read or write songs. I basically do all the things that I don’t get to do out on the road.

What is your favorite part of the “job” as being a country music star?
Leverett: I love just writing songs. That is definitely my first passion.
Brown: I love performing and meeting all the fans. I love seeing how excited they get, because that’s how I felt going up to shake Shania Twain’s hand [at the CMT Music Awards]. It’s really cool seeing somebody that’s excited to meet you. I think that’s really fun, and that never gets old to me.

How do you survive long trips on the tour bus?
Leverett: Lately I haven’t been! I’ve been getting really sick, but coffee with hazelnut creamer! We call it 'jet fuel' -- you know it's good when you pour it and you can't see through it! That's how I survive!
Brown: I get a lot of sleep. I sleep in as long as I can, so I don’t get sick.

What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever said to a celebrity?
Brown: "I grew up on your music … I love you!" [laughs]. That’s what I said to Reba. I also said that to Trisha Yearwood. I played with her for a little while, so she kind of made fun of it onstage. She would say, "Oh yeah, she was a baby when this song came out!" It was funny.
Leverett: I haven’t hung out with that many celebrities, really.

What is a song you wish you had written?
Brown: ‘The House That Built Me.’
Leverett: A song called ‘I Still Have Faith in You,’ and it’s actually written by the same songwriter who wrote ‘The House That Built Me,’ Tom Douglas. It hasn’t become a big hit yet, but maybe someday it will be.

What is your best stress reliever?
Leverett: I’d say my dog, Dixie.
Brown: Yeah, my puppy, Lady.
Leverett: And dancing.

Who is your dream duet partner?
Leverett: Paul McCartney.
Brown: Shania!
Leverett: If Kurt Cobain was still alive, I’d go with him. I had a crush on him!

What is the biggest adjustment you’ve had to make in your personal lives since your career has taken off?
Brown: Being able to get my laundry done [laughs]! We’re usually home like one day or one and a half days a week, so I’m always just trying to catch up.
Leverett: You’re only at home for however long -- one or two days -- and I just have the most amazing friends and people in my life that I was used to seeing every week. Now, it’s become a once a month reunion. Then there’s my family, too, where before they could come out here and see me more or I could go home and be a part of July 4th celebrations … those don’t happen as much anymore. It’s more like, "Oh, I’m playing in this city … come see me for five hours!" My friends and family have been good about meeting me in the middle of where I go and making the most of it. I don’t get as much time with them, but the time I do get is more quality, I feel like.

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