If you've got a car and a fun destination in mind, the JaneDear Girls are more than happy to be your 'Shotgun Girl.' At least, that's the fun-loving promise they make in their new single of that same name.

The cheerful, four-on-the-floor song is the second single from the duo's self-titled debut album, and -- as the group's appropriately named brunette Susie Brown notes in an interview with Taste of Country -- it serves as a good follow up to earlier hit, 'Wildflower:"

"We noticed that a lot of people really gravitated [toward] ‘Shotgun Girl.’ And we had a lot of friends in the business as well that said, “Hey, that would be a great follow-up single to ‘Wildflower’ because it’s a really fun, up-tempo [song] that you can just put in a car, and I think girls will be able to relate to [it].”

It's a stomping sing-a-long, and a perfect anthem for summer Friday afternoons, for sure, and this road trip sounds like a lot of fun. But there's just one problem. Check out the lyrics:

"'Cause I'm your shotgun girl along for the ride / Your dashboard drummer on a Saturday night / Crankin' up Waylon, Willy and Merle / So throw one arm around me now honey / We'll sling that gravel just like Bonnie and Clyde / I'd ride with you all around the world / Cuz' boy I'm your shotgun girl."

See, that dashboard-drumming thing, that'd be a deal breaker for us. That gets really annoying after a couple of hundred miles. Plus, we just detailed this baby -- don't want fingerprints all over everything.

Preview the JaneDear Girls, 'Shotgun Girl'