The name 'Wildflower' sounds more cutesy than sassy, but once the JaneDear Girls belt out the lyrics to the song -- infused with uptempo electric mandolin -- you'll think otherwise. Brisk and carefree melodies match the lyrics of the track, which was penned by the brunette JaneDear Girl, Susie Brown, about two summers ago when she received a 50-year-old mandocaster (electric mandolin) as a gift from her father.

"I had never played it before and I wanted to take it to this co-write with Jeremy Stover and Vicky McGehee because I had never written with either of them," Brown tells Taste of Country. "I went to Guitar Center and grabbed an amp, a little tiny one, and I took it over to my co-write. I had just also put a little flower in my hair that I had bought at Claire's."

She adds, "So I was jamming on my electric mandolin, just trying to come up with something, and my co-writers were like, 'Wow, I really like that beat, and with that flower in your hair, it really sounds cool.' [Stover's] like 'Why don't we call it 'Wildflower'? Talk about girls growing up, having a fun time, in their innocence.' I loved that idea and so we started writing it."

Brown, the youngest of seven, grew up in the outdoors of Utah's mountain landscape -- letting herself run wild, literally. "Growing up you could always find me outside, either climbing trees and picking cherries, or I was always in the garden … We had grapes, potatoes, cherries and peaches, all this stuff -- so I was constantly outside, running through the sprinklers … [It's] just the carefree way of life."

It was this way of life that sets the stage for the song, and defends Brown's cheery spirit: "Hey, I'm a wildflower, growin' in the sunshine / Soakin' up the way of life I was raised in / Runnin' barefoot, blooming' in a summer shower / Ponytail dancin', I cant help it, I-I'm a wildflower."

Already a Top 20 hit and still climbing the charts, the song -- from the group's self-titled debut album -- is also a favorite on the road, where Brown and bandmate Danelle Leverett have been touring with Jason Aldean. Like a country take on Cyndi Lauper's 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,' the track has become an feel-good anthem for girls -- at least according to a JaneDear Girls fan who wrote about it on the duo's Facebook page.

"That touched me so much," says Brown. "I love to dance and have a good time, [and] music for me has always been a happy thing. And so to make somebody else feel good by a song that I've written is an amazing feeling."

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