Morgan Myles just found a whole new way to riff on life after heartbreak. "Acapella" — a smiling, soulful artist statement — is the feel-good song you need this spring.

Skip right to the chorus. "I don't need your minor chorus / 'Cause I don't need to cry no more," Myles calls out, hitting high notes with Martina-esque ease. McBride isn't the best person to compare this singer's voice with — she's more like a manicured Etta James or what happens when you mix Chris Stapleton with Maren Morris.

The arresting, independent sentiment comes too easy for Myles, who sprinkles a few jaunty giggles at spots just to let us know she's having as much fun as it seems. Her playground is a mix of easy blues and soul, but her themes remain country. Lyrically, "Acapella" forces these words: "I've never heard that before." That's not always a great reaction when striving for commercial success, but there's more than enough familiarity with this song to let it pick up speed with mass audiences.

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Morgan Myles, "Acapella" Lyrics:

No it didn't take no time / To get you off my mind / I thought that your goodbye would leave me lonely inside / Because you sure put a number on me / But boy I never missed a beat.

I'm singing acapella / Me, myself and I / Solo feels so right, without you keeping time / I don't need your minor chorus / 'Cause I don't need to cry no more / Some things just don't sound that good together / I'm better acapella / I'm better acapella.

Sometimes misery don't love company / Your heartstrings sorry don't add to my melody / You can cry me a river you can write me a symphony / That want you background noise don't mean a thing to me. 

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