Needtobreathe prove beautiful, collaborative art can still be made amid a pandemic with the interpretative new music video for "Mercy's Shore," a song from the just-released Out of Body album.

The clip — available first exclusively on Taste of Country — finds the Nashville Ballet's Truman Lemire responding to singer Bear Rinehart's vocals and the rest of the rock-trio's instrumentation. His moves give grace to an at-times thunderous performance by Needtobreathe. Lemire is also featured on the band's new album cover.

"We felt like he did a wonderful job of portraying the unified struggle that our band has been going through on our record cover, and it’s great to have him in the video for 'Mercy’s Shore' as well," the band says in a statement to Taste of Country. "We all find the ends of ourselves at one time or another, and our realization that we can’t do it alone is what this song and video are all about."

"See the light but never find the surface / I don't know if I can swim no more / White knuckles and wild horses / One day we'll wash up on Mercy's shore / One day we'll wash up on Mercy's shore," Rinehart sings at each chorus of a song that reminds you that life is filled with struggles that you can best overcome with help from others.

Lemire's performance is intertwined with clips of the trio performing their new song. At nearly five minutes, it's a video worthy of the rollercoaster the song takes you on, at once confronting listeners with struggles and peace — a child's peace — across a rising, in-the-end cathartic mix of guitars and percussion.

Out of Body is Needtobreathe's seventh studio album and first since Hard Love in 2016. It's also their first without founding member Bo Rinehart, who stepped away in April.

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