Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban never shy away from showing their love for one another — whether it's on the red carpet or in a dressing room before a performance, the couple continually show their support.

Kidman recently posted a video on Facebook while getting her hair and makeup done before shooting Big Little Lies. What was her music of choice? Urban's new album Ripcord, of course.

"Getting ready to shoot Big Little Lies, jamming to my man listening to Wasted Time. Congrats on #RIPCORD baby!" the actress wrote as the caption.

In the minute-long clip Kidman can be seen sitting in her stylist's chair while singing and dancing along to Urban's new single "Wasted Time."

Urban and Kidman will celebrate 10 years of marriage this June. They recently shared that they won't be renewing their wedding vows as other press outlets previously reported.

“We don’t need to,” Kidman told People at a recent red carpet while holding hands with her husband. “The vows are strong, we keep them."

“They’re daily in the sense of action, as opposed to being recited,” Urban says. “I like to think of showing those on a daily basis.”

Earlier this year, Urban shared his advice on their 10 years of marriage with Entertainment Tonight.

“Keep dating your wife — that’s it,” he shares. “I’m still trying to get her to go out with me.” The couple were married June 25, 2006 in Sydney, Australia and have since had two daughters, and Urban thinks it's been great.

“Ten years is fantastic!” the star says. "It’s like 30 in this day and age."

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