Patty Griffin will let fans get a glimpse behind the curtain on her upcoming album, Tape. The project, due on June 10, will be a collection of unreleased demos and home recordings.

Griffin says inspiration struck during the pandemic.

“At some point in the pandemic, I was digging through my own music streaming to relearn some of my own oldies and found something that had been compiled (perhaps by a computer algorithm) that was titled as a ‘rarities’ or ‘deep cuts’ collection,” Griffin shares. “I looked, of course, and it was a pretty boring list for the most part. I later dug through some recordings I had done on cheap home recording apps, including my favorite one called 'TapeDeck' which I’m not sure exists anymore."

Rather than letting these treasures sit in technology purgatory, Griffin decided to bring them into the light.

"I really liked some of the songs. They were better than I had remembered. I dug around some more and found things from some GarageBand recordings, and then also a couple of things from an in-studio demo session in Nashville that were pretty interesting, including a duet I did with Robert Plant when we first met," she continues. "It all seemed worth listening to. Back then I didn’t think so, but I do now."

The first offering off Tape is a song called "Get Lucky," which Griffin has already released. The track is about navigating the ups and downs of life and never giving up because one day you might get lucky.

One listen and you can hear how raw the recording is, and it's extremely intimate. It's reminiscent of Miranda Lambert's album The Marfa Tapes.

“The sound quality on the majority of things on Tape is pretty low, but the performances are what really matter to me. My home recordings are almost always my favorite recordings, as far as capturing a fresh, direct feeling," Griffin reveals. "The shy introvert’s dilemma ... I’ve always had a hard time creating that same feeling in a studio full of people whose talent is in sound quality. These songs have a feel you can only get when you’re by yourself at three o’clock in the morning."

For the Grammy Award winner, it's a special journey she can't wait to share with fans.

"To listen to the bulk of these recordings, you do have to let go of the idea of good sound quality and just listen to the performance," she continues. "I feel better getting some true rarities out there for people to listen to ... not compiled by a computer algorithm.”

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