Reba McEntire has signed on to wear two different hats for a new pilot TV show for ABC called 'Malibu Country.' According to The Hollywood Reporter, McEntire will not only serve as the show's executive producer, but she will also star in the sitcom. McEntire will play the role of a divorced mother of three who is trying to reignite her singing career after moving from Nashville to Malibu.

"I know you’ve all been asking, and I can confirm that the rumors are true," McEntire reports. "We had our meeting yesterday with the folks at ABC, and we now have a pilot with ABC! That means we will shoot the pilot next April, and if everything goes like we hope it will, we’ll be shooting next August! Wooohooooo! I’m so excited about doing another TV sitcom! I miss the 'Reba' show so much so it will be great to get back into the TV world again!"

Others involved with 'Malibu Country' include Kevin Abbott as a writer, with Narvel Blackstock (McEntire's real-life manager and husband), Laura Ziskin Productions' Pam Williams, Dave Stewart (formerly of the Eurythmics) and Acme Productions' Mindy Schultheis and Michael Hanel.

McEntire's former sitcom, 'Reba,' aired on the WB network from 2001 through 2007.