The proof is in the picture. Dolly Parton and professional wrestler Hulk Hogan arm-in-arm at the altar before he picks her up and whisks her through the ropes and off into a land of body slams and suplexes. So what happened? Why isn't she Mrs. Hulkster today?

Parton wrote and recorded a song called 'Headlock on My Heart' for a mid-'80s variety show. The spoof song --no recorded version exists as far as we can tell-- includes lyrics like: "He's got a headlock on my heart / It was a take down from the start" and "I love the heart that beats beneath his massive golden chest" before spoken word gems like:

"I guess you could say he's pinned me down for a lifetime."

Even better than the pun-filled verses and chorus is Hogan's name in the video. The WWF (as it was known then) must not have approved of the Hulk appearing, so Parton names him "Starlight Starbright." Andre the Giant would not have feared Starlight Starbright --this much is certain.

Take a moment to watch this retro-ridiculousness before reading about another vintage country moment.

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