CMT and TNN refused to play Garth Brooks' video for his 1991 hit "The Thunder Rolls."

While the song portrays a wife's revenge on her cheating husband, the video took the story further, showing the man shot dead in a flash of rage. Brooks says his video paved the way for Martina McBride's "Independence Day" video to be played on many of the same networks.

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"I didn't see that much difference between the two," he said five years later in an interview. "But I think that because of the whole ugliness of what happened the first time, I think it's egotistical to do it, but I'll take pride in thinking that 'The Thunder Rolls' had something to do with that. 'Cause what Martina McBride was saying, needs to be heard." Of course Brooks was vindicated. His video won a CMA for the Video of the Year. These days, it's almost impossible to find this -- or any -- of his videos online.

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