He went by his country stage name, and wore purple trunks during a short wrestling career that actually coincided with his fame and success on the country music charts. In the end this singer is probably best known for his music hits, not for making other athletes hit the mat. Do you remember which country star began his career in the WCW?

Chad Brock wrestled in the mid-90s, and then returned to the WCW as songs like 'Lightning Does the Work' were becoming big in 1999. An archived article from the Daily Cougar shows that he and Curt Henning tangled, but photos and video of that dust-up were not found. However, clips of Brock being pummeled by Mike Enos can be found below. Some reports say his record label worked with the WCW to promote their new singer, but we could not verify the accuracy of the Wikipedia information.

The 2000 hit 'Yes!' would become Brock's best-known country single. Later, he'd go on to host a popular Tampa, Fla. radio program with Cledus T. Judd.

Watch Chad Brock Wrestle in the WCW

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