There's a reason the "actors" in Robert Counts' music video for "What Do I Know" look like they actually know how to cut steel, bale hay and saw timber. During this behind-the-scenes look at the newcomer's debut music video, he reveals that his production team made sure to cast people who did know how to do the work.

That model for the music video reflects his raising, and how fans are using the song to spotlight their lives. This exclusive Taste of Country premiere finds Counts talking about how he was drawn to the director's idea for casting ordinary workers to center the film.

"That’s the background that I have," the Tennessee native says. "That's the family that I came from, is middle class, middle American working class folks."

The grit of each scene of this new video, released in November, matches the song's doing-things-the-right-way mentality. Jake Mitchell and Hardy helped him with the lyrics, but his fans helped him shape the visuals.

"We could have taken the video essentially from the videos that they’re posting," Counts shares, referring to videos he's seen on social media. "There's people cutting down trees, riding around on tractors on the farm. There’s riding dirt bikes, shotgunning beers. It's just living American life."

"What Do I Know" is Count's latest release on Arista Nashville. In 2019 he released a five-song, self-titled EP on the label.

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