The lead single from Roger Creager's 'Surrender' album is the sixth straight Texas chart-topper for the Corpus Christi native. 'Turn it Up' reached No. 1 this week on both the Texas Music Chart and the Texas Regional Radio Report chart.

Creager knew he had a hit when he wrote it, but still tried to give the song away at first. “I won’t say any names, but we sent that to a couple of big record labels in Nashville to see if some of their big stars wanted first crack at it," Creager tells the Oklahoman, "and they said it was too outlaw … for modern country."

“I said, ‘Fine. I’ll do it my way and I’ll do it myself.'" 'Surrender' -- released in January 2012 -- is Creager's first album since 2008 and his sixth since debuting with 'Having Fun All Wrong' in 1998. “I think 'Surrender' is my best work since 'I Got the Guns.' I’m really proud of the production and the songs on the record,” Creager said in a press release. He wrote 10 of the 11 songs and says he made an effort to get back to his roots. It's paid off in a big way.

“I’m thrilled to achieve a milestone like this, and cannot thank all of my fans and the country radio industry enough for their continued support.”