Rosanne Cash has released what she calls her best album ever. The 14 songs on 'The River and the Thread' tell raw stories of the southern Delta and were inspired by several trips to the area with husband and collaborator John Leventhal. The paired recently performed three songs during an intimate acoustic performance in the Taste of Country studios.

“The veils were taken off some things that I thought I knew,” Cash says about these road trips. At first, they were for other business. Eventually, the pair went searching for inspiration and found it.

“We don’t really know who we are as Americans until we know the Delta,” she added in a video clip she shared previously.

‘Etta’s Tune’ is first. The song is about Johnny Cash’s bass player, Marshall Grant, and his relationship with his wife. The singer was on there shortly before Grant died in August 2011. This song is Etta and Marshall’s story.

‘The Sunken Lands’ and ‘Modern Blue’ are equally as personal. Watch all three here, and look for ‘The River and the Thread’ in stores and at digital retailers.

Watch Rosanne Cash Perform 'The Sunken Lands'

Watch Roseanne Cash Perform 'Modern Blue'

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