Texas duo Rosehill are new to the mainstream country scene, but they've come prepared. Blake Myers and Mitch McBain are bringing their sweet-as-honey sound, catchy lyrics and the state of Texas in to make their debut, hoping that the big guns will help them to hit the target.

"It feel so good, you ought to be a sin," Rosehill tell the girl who is the subject of the song, before leading into the first chorus: "I wanna dream it all over again / Close my eyes and relive what we just did / I wanna hold you close / 'Til we fall asleep / And soak this in / Dream it all over again."

We love how breezy and feel-good this tune is, and it's easy on the ears -- perfect for a summer romance or simply a hot day by the pool. Its pitfall is that it doesn't stand out much from pop-country peers, and we feel that the singer's soothing voice could fare better in a less generic sound.

In any case, 'Dream it All Over Again' is promising (not to mention easy to relate to). The song appears on the duo's new album, 'White Lines and Stars' -- which was produced by Radney Foster -- and follows the title track as a single. The music video for 'Dream it All Over Again' is set to debut on CMT next week.

Rating: 6.5/10

Listen to Rosehill, 'Dream It All Over Again'