Runaway June are releasing their debut single, "Lipstick," via Wheelhouse Records, and they're sharing the premiere of its accompanying lyric video exclusively with Taste of Country.

The country trio consists of Naomi Cooke (lead vocals, guitar), Hannah Mullholland (vocals, mandolin) and Jennifer Wayne (vocals, guitar). The three come from extremely diverse backgrounds; Cooke grew up on an Amish farm as one of 11 brothers and sisters, Mullholland is a Malibu bohemian who created a cooking blog called The Poor Herbivore, and Wayne is a California beach girl whose grandfather was John Wayne. Wayne also competed on a season of TV's The Amazing Race, and co-wrote Eric Paslay's "She Don't Love You."

The trio met after Cooke performed a showcase in Nashville. "A songwriter who had been working with me named Rob Hatch invited [BBR Music Group/Wheelhouse head] Benny Brown to a showcase I played, and Benny called me about two weeks later and wanted to know if I would be up for writing with Jennifer, who he had known for a while," she recalls to Taste of Country. "Jen and Hannah had met and had been writing together a little bit. We got together and started to write, and went back and played some songs for Benny that we'd been writing, and he offered us a deal. It happened pretty fast."

They took their name from a surprising overlap of circumstances. "My grandmother's name is June," Wayne explains. "Naomi has a sister named June, we signed our record deal in June. It's just kind of a lucky month for us, and we're all runaways at heart. We all ran away from home to chase this crazy dream."

"Lipstick" is their debut single. It was inspired by an internet meme that said, "Be with a man that ruins your lipstick, not your mascara."

"It was just such a cute idea," Mullholland observes. "You know, like 'It's Five O'Clock Somewhere' ... everybody always says it, but somebody thought to write it. So it's one of those lucky ones, like, 'Hey, no one's written that yet!'"

The song is a breath of fresh air at country radio. It features very organic instrumentation that's arranged to showcase Runaway June's natural vocal blend, and it's premised around a clever, fresh idea. The lyric video is just as unique, featuring black and white footage from old classic films to underscore the themes of the song.

"Lipstick" is currently available at iTunes and all other digital outlets. Runaway June have been on a radio tour to promote "Lipstick," and they're also touring in anticipation of a full-length album for which they're currently recording more songs.

For more information about Runaway June, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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