Ryan Follese is no stranger to the music biz, but he is a newcomer to country music. The Hot Chelle Rae frontman stopped by the Taste of Country Nights studio recently to chat about his forthcoming country EP and its theme of following your dreams.

Follese comes from a musical family. His dad wrote Tim McGraw's "Something Like That," and Follese has already had a taste of fame as the leading man for the pop-rock band Hot Chelle Rae. Now, he's pursuing country in an effort to follow a dream he wants to make a permanent reality. That's what his EP is all about.

“It’s kind of why we put ‘Float Your Boat’ out first. I am doing what makes me happy and the idea of ‘Float Your Boat’ came from, as cheesy as it is, doing what floats your boat and what makes you happy," he explains. "This endeavor in my life is something I see as permanent and something that truly make me happy to the core. That’s what this record is about."

"Float Your Boat" is one of the six tracks on the EP, all of which the singer wrote. Naturally, Follese can't wait to share the rest of the music.

“I’m super excited about it. It’s six songs, including ‘Float Your Boat.’ I can’t wait for the world to hear it.”

The summer song about being a little lazy is now on iTunes. The EP is out on Sept. 2.

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