The women of Song Suffragettes took on an unusual task when they chose their latest Monday night cover. Five of Nashville's best female singer-songwriters sang Sam Hunt's "Body Like a Back Road" written entirely from a male perspective.

Catie Offerman, Savannah Keyes, Kalie Shorr, Tasji Bachman and Tiera were on the bill for the #LetTheGirlsPlay event, which takes place each Monday night at the Listening Room in downtown Nashville. Shorr is a longtime veteran of the LTGP movement, and she kicks off the performance, taking the first lead vocal and voicing the chords with some help from Keyes and Bachman. That helps them pull off a slightly more elaborate arrangement than the Suffragettes shows usually feature, with a little bit of contrapuntal motion in the chords.

As unusual as it could be to see a group of women sing the song, the performance is so bouncy and fun that it actually works, with the singers trading playful asides in between the lyrics and performing some of the spoken-word parts in a kind of exaggerated way to make it even more entertaining.

The #LetTheGirlsPlay movement launched as a response to the extreme challenges women have at every level of the country music business in Nashville, and it's been working. Several of the performers have gained significant exposure from the shows, especially Shorr, who has scored a hit at SiriusXM and was selected as one of Taste of Country's inaugural batch of RISERS in 2017.

ToC regularly supports the Song Suffragettes, sharing covers each week and monthly featured artists. Shorr began as one of our featured artists, the latest of whom is Chloe Gilligan.

Watch Shorr perform an original song titled "Nothin' New" for RISERS below. She also took part in a photo shoot and chatted with us about her SiriusXM breakthrough single, "Fight Like a Girl."

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