Singer Sarah Darling lost the man she thinks of as "greatest man I've ever known." Her grandfather, Richard Eugene Dicks, died this week following a long illness. He was 79.

In a touching post to her personal Facebook page, Darling talked about the life Dicks lived. "He spent most of his time trying to save souls," she shares. "He lived his life for God and his family … He was a light. I feel so blessed that I grew up knowing his love and learning through him."

Described as great carpenter, fisherman and baseball fan, Richard Dicks will also be remembered as a wonderful husband. "I will strive to have a marriage just like yours," Darling writes about the man she thought of as a hero.

Darling's publicist says the singer is returning to Iowa to be with family before the service. Songs like 'All You've Got' and 'Knowing What I Know About Heaven' were inspired by her late grandfather. It's not clear how Dicks died.

"He was a pillar of strength to her and a daily inspiration," a message at Darling's artist Facebook page reads.

Earlier this week, Darling revealed that she married boyfriend James Muriel in April. She's releasing a Christmas EP called 'Have a Merry Little Christmas Darling' on Tuesday (Nov. 19).

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