Sarah Darling's new single, 'Home to Me,' is a sweet southern love song that just might break an artist who's been working for a break since releasing 'Jack of Hearts' in 2009. The lyric has a girl-next-door feel, which is a good fit for the 30-year-old Darling.

The singer's voice is strong, but not unique enough to be able to carry something generic to a place that leaves a lasting impression. 'Home to Me' is a more substantial song than others she's cut and released. The pacing, imagery and rhythm urge one to do a quick Google search to learn more. Mentioning half the states in the union (an exaggeration, but not by much) is also a good way to get fans on your side.

"Got a heart like Indiana / Laugh like Louisiana / Take me down to Alabama / Show me some of that laid back vibe / Kissin’ while we’re fishin’ in the moonlight," she sings during the catchy chorus. "Shine like California / High like an Arizona noontime, baby, when you’re all mine / Anywhere, any place I go / You feel like home to me."

The second verse carries risk and danger. Darling doesn't quite turn off the sweet and smiley enough to relay the exciting anxiety that comes with chasing a love that your head objects to. "Met you and I was sure / I found the center of the universe / Hit the interstate fast and now I’m never looking back / No Lookin’ back, lookin’ back oh no," she sings.

'Home to Me' is the type of song that has the potential to really grow on the country music audience if given a chance. It may take a five to 10 listens, but Darling's innocent message is heartwarming and colorful. Her pop sensibilities only add to the sweetness. Between the stress of election season and Christmas, this could be a nice break... if it gets a break.

3 Stars

Listen to Sarah Darling, 'Home to Me'

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