There is really no art form that actor/author/comedian/bluegrass musician Steve Martin can't conquer! In his and the Steep Canyon Rangers' new video for 'Jubilation Day,' Martin gets animated, starring as a banjo-playing, white-feathered chicken, complete with stick-figure legs.

Martin's face is transposed onto the animated body of a chicken; and complete with the upbeat music and banjo strumming, this video could captivate and capture the attention of little kids as easily as it does for adults who enjoy the sonics of the song.

He skips through the roads, strums on his instrument, engages in a barnyard performance, which feels like quite the hoedown, and generally spreads mirth and merriment. The funniest scene? When Martin-as-bird plays his banjo with his feet.

The song and the video celebrate walking away from a bad romance with a "cheatin', lyin', dish-throwin, ho nut." And yes, those are Martin's words in the song. Breaking up is always hard to do, whether it's with a cheatin', lyin' --you get the picture -- significant other or not. But Steve Martin examines the celebratory element of getting out of romantic dodge just in time.

Overall, 'Jubilation Day' is quite the avian clip and it's also feel-good fun.

Watch the Steve Martin 'Jubilation Day' Video