The Swon Brothers are, well, brothers, so they've spent quite a bit of time with one another through the years, both in the studio and out on the road. It should come as little surprise that the brothers sometimes get downright irritated with one another.

... According to Colton Swon, anyway.

“(Zach’s) face drives me crazy,” Colton tells Taste of Country’s very own Ania Hammar during the latest installment of the micro-interview series Last Question when asked about what drives him crazy.

No worries, Zach — we actually adore your face.

The quick answer was all in good fun, as the two were on their way to their next appointment when Hammar, who also hosts ToC News and the YouTube series That’s What She Said, tried to fit in a few more questions as the duo rushed to their awaiting ride. The Swons weighed in on everything from their biggest fear (velvet?) to their go-to karaoke song (R. Kelly?) and their biggest pet peeve.

Take our advice: don’t pop your gum in the next Swon Brothers' meet-and-greet line.

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