Is Taylor Swift's relationship with Conor Kennedy all in the family?

The media is abuzz with curiosity and interest pertaining to Swift's reported new relationship with the preppy and handsome grandson of the late Robert F. Kennedy. Swift, 22, was spotted at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Mass. over the weekend, doing youthful and innocent date-like things with Conor, 18, such as eating pizza and jumping on a trampoline. But pictures prove the pair also cozied up on their downtime, holding hands and staying close.

The latest assertion is that Kennedy's grandmother, Ethel, was instrumental in setting Swift up with her grandson. But while the matriarch absolutely adores the singer, she wasn't the architect of the romance.

Ethel, 83, is a Swift fan of sorts. While she may not be cranking the tunes off 'Speak Now,' she certainly is fond of Swift the person, as opposed to Swift the country superstar. Apparently, Ethel was the one who requested that Swift walk the red carpet with her at the January premiere of 'Ethel,' the documentary about her life, at the Sundance Film Festival.

Recently, it was widely reported that it was Ethel who orchestrated Swift's attendance at the family's Fourth of July festivities, which initially sparked rumors that Swift was involved with Patrick Schwarzenegger, also a member of the Kennedy clan.

But on Wednesday (Aug. 1), Ethel Kennedy disputed the rumors, telling the Television Critics Association that she did not have a hand in setting up Taylor and Conor, according to the Associated Press. She did, however, offer a rousing show of support for Swift in one very telling sentence. When asked if Swift would be a good addition to the family, Ethel replied, "We should be so lucky."

Talk about a big endorsement.

Additionally, People reports that Conor's aunt Rory declared that Swift is "awesome," and that "she's a great friend of all of ours."

Sounds like the lovely and talented Swift has endeared herself to America's first family quickly and deeply. Will she become a Kennedy in the future? Time will tell.

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