Taylor Swift has lived the better part of the past decade in the spotlight. No easy task for any woman, the 26-year-old discusses the difficulties of having her relationships as a tabloid feature and her "magical" relationship with DJ Calvin Harris in the upcoming issue of Vogue, where she is featured on the cover.

"I'm just taking things as they come," Swift tells Vogue. "I'm in a magical relationship right now. And of course I want it to be ours, and low-key … this is the one thing that's been mine about my personal life."

Swift recently celebrated her one-year anniversary with the Scottish deejay and producer. She said she took a break from dating for over two years until she met Harris, whose real name is Adam Wiles.

"You know, I went out on a normal amount of dates in my early 20s, and I got absolutely slaughtered for it," Swift admits. "And it took a lot of hard work and altering my decision-making. I didn't date for two-and-a-half years. Should I have had to do that? No."

Her memorable speech at the Grammys revealed how difficult it is to be a woman in the music industry. While it appeared to be a dig at Kanye West, she explains to Vogue that it was important to show how hard it is to be a woman in any industry.

"I guess what I wanted to call attention to in my speech at the Grammys was how it's going to be difficult if you're a woman who wants to achieve something in her life – no matter what," she adds.

Swift's May issue of Vogue hits newsstands April 26.

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