Taylor Swift and Diet Coke? Those two great tastes will soon be tasting great together, as the 'Begin Again' singer has partnered with the soft drink giant! In a short video message, Swift declared that she wanted to share with fans first the fact that "we’re finally making it official with one of the great loves of my life."

At first, we thought she may have been reuniting with her most recent ex, Harry Styles of One Direction fame, or that it had something to do with her beloved cat, Meredith. But it's the diet carbonated beverage that occupies a big slice of Swift's heart.

It's not lost on us that Swift is teaming up with a drink whose logo and cans contain striking red. It's her signature color, from her favorite lipstick shade to her most recent album title.

“We’ve been in conversations about this partnership,” Swift continues in the clip. "It’s gonna include so many fun things having to do with the tour, having to do with Diet Coke in general, a behind-the-scenes of the commercial. I really can’t wait to begin all this, and it’s going to be an extraordinary ride."

What else does this extraordinary ride entail ? Well, as Swift says, you need to throw Diet Coke's Facebook page a "like" in order to gain access to related content.

The 23-year-old superstar is certainly upping her portfolio in terms of endorsements. Her Bravehearts campaign with Keds shoes is just starting to become visible. She's also an easy, breezy, beautiful CoverGirl, appearing in the cosmetic brand's signage. No wonder she routinely lands on those Forbes lists for her massive earnings.

Diet Coke is easily the most iconic of her new partnerships, and together, the promotional possibilities are endless.