Was Taylor Swift grossed out by watching good friend Selena Gomez being pulled in for a kiss hello from Justin Bieber, or was she just being a bestie? There's a lot going on in a new viral video that shows the pop stars smooching, with Swift sticking her tongue out in apparent disgust.

Swift is passing through a backstage room at Sunday's (May 19) Billboard Music Awards with Gomez and a red-haired friend by her side, when Bieber spots them and pulls Gomez in. She obliges and the two share an awkward cheek smooch, though it seems Bieber wanted some lip action. He holds Gomez for what looks like a quick heart-to-heart, while Swift and the redhead wait, impatiently trying to tug her away.

Swift's tongue comes out in a "yuck" face as she looks back to see Gomez embracing her ex-boyfriend. The scene reeks of just-being-nice-in-public body language, but it's obvious Swift and the redhead become agitated after just a few seconds before the friend starts urging Gomez to keep moving.

Was Swift grossed out by the PDA, or does she know a little bit of the backstory after sharing a few heart-to-hearts with Gomez herself? Gomez and Bieber are officially not a couple at the moment, although they were seen clubbing together in L.A. last week, getting cozy late into the night. Gomez told InStyle magazine that a reconciliation is possible. No need to ask Swift what she thinks of that prospect!